Monday, February 13, 2012

Kat Tree

This is Chuck.
Chuck is Roommate's new kitten. I don't feel like the name fits him just yet, in his teeny tiny state, so I've just been calling him "Kat."

Kat likes to sleep a lot...

...mostly in my neck...

Kat also helps Boyfriend with grading philosophy papers.

I really like Kat. I have been begging Roommate to let me get a cat for a while now, but it seemed like an impossible dream with the seven dogs living under our roof. And since Roommate also owns the house we live in, and he's my landlord, what he says goes. 

I never stopped begging, though. I brought up the idea of a cat daily. I grew up with dogs and cats, and I know from experience that it is very possible for them to coexist, and even for them to love each other. The key is to get them used to each other at an early age. 

So I asked for a cat for my half birthday.

I asked for a cat on Thanksgiving.

I asked for a cat for Christmas.

I offered daily house cleaning services for a cat.

And then, one day...Roommate found a sickly stray cat outside of our house. Like myself, Roommate has a bleeding heart for animals. He decided to try to nurse this cat back to health. I tried my best to stay out of it, because I knew how easy it would be for me to fall in love, and how hard it would be for me to lose the cat if it died or if we ended up having to give it away. But I supported his decision, of course. We went out and got all of the things necessary to take care of a cat. Roommate took care of him for a few days, and in the end, the poor, sick cat passed away. Roommate was devastated. 

From that day on, he started trolling Craigslist for kittens. 

At first, he had really high standards. It had to be a ragdoll, which are supposedly really good with dogs. It had to be under a certain price. It had to be perfect.

After a couple weeks, he found some siamese mix kittens, and I came home from a day in San Diego with Boyfriend to a teeny tiny siamese mix kitten with bright blue eyes and little white paws.

Roommate may tell you a different story, but as far as I'm concerned, I WON!. I got a cat! And I get to enjoy all of the love and benefits of having a cat without being financially responsible for him! Yay!


Kat has been with us for a little over two weeks now. Boyfriend is allergic, but I've heard that cat is the one allergy that you can over by exposure, and Boyfriend has been mostly allergy free so far. Kat is actually really chill so far in general. He's already litter box trained. He eats like a pig. He loves to be in anyone's lap. He's not afraid of the dogs at all, but he's still too tiny for us to let him be free amongst them. He's actually too tiny for a lot of things....including the giant cat tree that just came in the mail today.

I opened the front door to a note from the UPS guy, saying that a package was in our Greenwaste trash bin. Yes. IN it. And it was. It was literally IN our trash can. (Which I also discovered to be full of glass beer bottles. I assume that Boyfriend may have taken out the recycling one night and thought that the green can was recycling...which I can understand, seeing as the world these days is all about "going green," and "going green" is synonymous with recycling, right?)

So this box is huge. And heavy. I manage to knock the can over and drag the box out...and then draaaaag the box to the front door....and then skip it over the front steps....and then draaaaag it into the kitchen. 

Kat seems pretty excited at this point.

Roommate is at Disneyland tonight, so I text him to tell him the box is here. I also tell him that I don't really feel like opening it and putting the cat tree together. Of course, he and I both know that I'm pretty incapable of putting it together. As if a mutual silent knowledge of this isn't enough, Roommate says, "Well, you could just open the box and let Kat play with the pieces!"

Touche, Roommate.

At this moment, I set out to make him eat his sarcasm. I realize that this is a perfect opportunity to prove to Roommate, Boyfriend, and the internet, that I am a mighty, mighty beast of cat tree construction.

I opened the box and pulled out the instructions first. It doesn't look so bad. I mean, these instructions were pretty straightforward. Each piece was labeled with a letter...I thought, "I know the alphabet. I got this shit." (The only thing that confused me a little was the fact that the pieces were lettered A, B, C, D, F...and then O, P, and Q. Where exactly did E and G through N go?)

And then I opened the box, and a very cruel realization set in...






...And then this happened...


...and then I more or less gave up, and improvised a bit. This was close enough. Roommate would never know the difference, and as long as cat stayed teeny tiny forever, the fact that nothing was bolted together would be perfectly fine!

After taking a long hot shower, I returned to the beast. I couldn't leave this thing in such a state. I knew I needed to figure it out. FOR KAT!

Luckily, the animals and I were the only ones home, so I was able to take my time whimpering and throwing cat tree pieces around the kitchen until FINALLY.....


...And of course, Kat could give a shit. Apparently the packaging this monster came in is far more entertaining.



  1. Yep!! Get us the coolest newest thing that you know we will love and the Box wins every time!! We so enjoyed your adventure with the cat tree and Kat is a cutie!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. So adorable ...I'm glad to hear you tried to help the stray kitten, that was the right thing to do: I'm so glad an animal on Craiglist came to people like you: often they are picked up by dog fighter people who use cats and other dogs as bait for dog's they exploit in fighting or cats and dogs are unknowimgly given to 'good' people who actually sell them to labs/hospitals etc that test on animals: this kitten was lucky !! ps VERY funny about the cat tree. xxxxxxx Again SUPER CUTE KITTEN !!