Why "BabyBakes"?

I come from a family where baked goods are of the utmost importance, and I have the ass to prove it.

That being said, it should be no surprise that my first food loves are desserts, sweets, and other baked goods. 

Growing up, my mom taught me the art of proper christmas cookie baking, how to eat a dutch baby, and where to get the best pastries in town. 

(This is my mom, brother, and I around 1999!)

As an adult, I discovered something else about baking. Baking gives me a sense of purpose and a sense of calm. It's a chemistry that alleviates stress and makes me feel accomplished, even when everything else in my life sucks. And as methodical as baking is, it is also flexible. It is a form of art, one which I can manipulate into whatever I need it to be.

And as for other types of food? I found my love of that when I met Boyfriend.

I was a picky eater as a kid (And I'm still kind of picky as an adult!). We had a lot of well-done steaks, plain salmon, and other basic meals growing up. I never really understood or appreciated anything outside of that until a couple years ago, when I met Boyfriend and started this blog.

(The man, the myth, the beard.)

When we started dating, I had someone to cook for and someone to impress. I wanted to show him how much I loved him with the food I served him.

And that's exactly what food is to me. Food is an expression of love.

In every dash of salt, and in every splash of white wine, I am pouring every part of myself into my food. For right now, I'm following recipes and acquiring skills, but soon I hope to create my own flavor combinations.

Boyfriend called me "Babycakes" when we first started dating. And like I said, baking has and will always be my first love.

It just felt right to call my blog Babybakes, after the hobby that has made me who I am, and the man that inspires me.

I hope Babybakes inspires you, too!

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