Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Tuesday 20: Random!

Welcome to the first installment of "The Tuesday 20," where I will share my love of making lists! Each week will have a new category with a list of twenty things that fit under that category. I decided to start it off with Random thoughts and comments to make it a little easier on my currently damaged brain. Hopefully we'll all get a little entertainment out of this concussion!

1. When I have been doing schoolwork for too long, I look like this:

2. I recently realized that the word "hood" stands for "neighborhood."

3. I often wonder how much ice cream I could really consume in one sitting. I'll bet it's a lot.

4. One time my friend Candice and I did a David Bowie photo shoot. I am not ashamed.

5. So far today, I've had two cookies and a beer.

6. That's a lie. I've had three beers.

7. At least I drank good quality beers.

8. That's also a lie. 

9. Do they have dog modeling agencies? Because I think Toby would be great at it...even though he sort of looks like a Gremlin...

10. I want to start using the word "marvelous" more often.

11. Yesterday, I decided to plant a tree in our backyard on a whim. I dragged my roommates into this venture. It didn't fit in the car, I had to dig a huge hole in the backyard by myself, and we had to secure a perimeter around it to keep the dogs out. My roommates are giving it a week before I kill it.

12. Am I the only one who feels like a badass when my muscles are sore from overworking them? I mean, digging a hole killed my triceps. I can't see them because they're behind me, but I bet I have the triceps of a body builder right now.

13. I really shouldn't be digging holes and planting trees with a concussion and a skull fracture.

14. There are three very loud, very obnoxious ice cream trucks that drive around our neighborhood in the afternoon every day during my nap time. I often fantasize about throwing rocks at them.

15. Someday I will own a mini horse. And it will have a giant doggie door and full access to my home.

16. This is a kitten leaping through time and space to escape the evil boss.

17. I just texted my roommate and said, "If you happen to walk into my current situation, I'd like to ask that we not discuss the amount of In-N-Out I have already consumed today, the amount of In-N-Out I will  have likely had by the end of the day, or the fact that I'm sitting by myself watching Teen Mom."

18. I wonder if I could make it in the circus.

19. I lied about my weight while filling out paperwork at the hospital over the weekend.

20. This is what I look like right now:

...I just read this list and realized how freakin' weird I am. Maybe there's still hope for me?....


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