Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up the Coast and Into the Fog: Big Sur Anniversary Trip Part 1

It's absolutely amazing to me that Boyfriend and I have already been together for a year (especially since my last serious relationship was with a girl... haha). We go on a lot of little mini trips, mostly to Big Bear, so our first anniversary trip had to be epic. Our plan was to stay at our favorite rest stop along Highway 1 in San Simeon called Ragged Point, but we eventually decided to mix it up a bit and stay in a few different places. Get ready internet! I'm about to tell you the story of an epic NorCal adventure that will totally make up for all of the shit that happened during the last one.

We'll be up here for five days, so I'm going to break up our journey into a few different posts. I'm also going to include reviews of the places we stayed at and ate at. (This is mostly for myself, so when we come back I'll remember what I liked and what I didn't like! =])

With our bags packed, Toby buckled up tight, and a full tank of gas, we headed up the coast and into the fog. We made it to Ragged Point around 2PM.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the Ragged Point Inn.

  • The location is amazing. It is literally on the Big Sur cliffs. The grounds are basically a magical garden. The view is absolutely breathtaking.
  • There is a trail that winds down the side of the cliff to a cove and beach below. The trailhead sign calls this a "Nature Trail." Do not be fooled. The trail they are referring to is a little path that surrounds the gardens. The cliff trail is a lot more advanced. It's pretty steep, it's a loose dirt path, and if you're afraid of heights like I am, it's probably not for you. We made it about halfway down before I said "Uh, uh. I'm going to trip, eat shit, and die if we keep going."
  • There are numerous sketchy reviews about theRagged Point Inn's Restaurant. Yes, the food is fairly overpriced, but it isn't bad. We got the Rosemary Pasta with Scallops and Shrimp and the Montana de Oro Caesar Salad. Now, I really, really love food, and if it isn't good, the rest of my day/night will be ruined. We walked into the place knowing that there was a very fair shot that the food would be shitty, and we were pleasantly surprised. It wasn't life changing or really unique, but I was definitely satisfied.
  • We stayed in one of the cheapest rooms (Still $170!!) in the garden area. The Garden rooms accommodate pets, so we were able to have Toby with us (for an extra fee of $50). We stayed in room L2. It had a pretty decent view of the ocean out the window, but we also faced the Highway, with was not that great. The room's architecture was pretty cool, but everything was outdated and it had a grimy motel feel to it. The bed was springy and hard. The decor was strikingly reminiscent of the 70s. There was even a faux snakeskin tablecloth on the table....pretty weird. It also smelled like my grandmother's house. Honestly, it wasn't terrible, but for what we payed, I wasn't too happy. We were able to take a peek into some of the other rooms not in the Garden area, and they seemed a lot nicer....but they're way more expensive and not pet friendly. I guess we really just paid for the location. (And clearly, Toby could give a shit. A bed is a bed when you're a little brown dog!)

  • The room also had no mini fridge or microwave...which wasn't a huge problem since I'm a      genius and I filled the bathroom sink with ice and beer =]
  • The staff was friendly and accommodating for the most part. We didn't really run into any problems with them, like a lot of the yelp reviews mentioned.
Overall, the stay was nice. I could have stayed there for our whole trip, but I'm glad that we didn't. If I'm going to pay almost $200 a night for a room, it better have a flat screen I can hook my Mac up to and a fridge for beer and dinner leftovers. I'd be willing to try it again, but maybe someday when we're not on a budget and can get a nicer room.

And you know what? Despite everything that was lacking, we still had a pretty great time. We're pretty good at having fun in weird places. =]

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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  1. Those pictures are all awesome!! You guys are adorable!!!