Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet the Newest Addition to Our Little Family! Eleanor the Basset Hound!!

I grew up with basset hounds and dachshunds. In fact, my dad still has a dachshund to this day, and my mom had our childhood family basset, Daisy for years until she passed away a year ago. 

(I guess my parents have a soft spot for short-legged, long-bodied dogs. Actually, it was really a shock to them when I got my pit bull, Toby. Prior to Toby, both of my parents were among the millions of people that believe that pit bulls are dangerous dogs. Toby totally changed that for them!)

I've always known I'd get my own basset someday. I've actually been warming Boyfriend up to the idea for over a year now (He's really more of a King Charles Spaniel kind of guy!), and throughout that year, I've been looking into basset puppies for sale in our area. Most of them were too expensive, and I'm not too keen on the idea of getting puppies from breeders. I believe in rescuing, but I knew I'd never find a basset at a shelter. Also, we were living in a house with roommates and five other dogs, so getting a puppy was sort of out of the question.

About a week before Boyfriend and I were set to move into our own apartment, I found the ad I was looking for on craigslist. Baby bassets, $350, ready immediately. Up until then, the cheapest basset puppies I had found were $700. I talked to boyfriend, and we decided to make the puppy my early birthday present.

The people we got her from had a lot of dogs, and clearly just had an accidental litter, meaning they weren't breeders, and I could feel more like I had rescued her! We talked them down to $250, they agreed without question, and we took home our brand new, 7 week old baby Eleanor on February 22nd.

It may have seemed insane to get a new puppy the day before we moved into a new apartment, but it has worked out wonderfully. Our 4 year old pit bull took to her immediately. In fact, she all but cured him of his separation anxiety. He stopped screaming and destroying things when we left, and instead began sleeping and playing with his new little sister. I also feel like moving into a new place with both dogs eliminated the possibility of either dog becoming territorial. This was new territory, common ground, they could establish a territory together.

And they have!!

She's a handful and a half, but we're so happy to have her, we're in love already, and I'm so excited to begin sharing weekly updates with the blogosphere!

Introducing Eleanor Lillian Murphey!

Ellie is teething, so I tied a knot in a sock, soaked it in water, and froze it. She LOVES it.

I was unpacking the apartment and Ellie was very upset and wanted attention. Inspired by Jill's work at Pretty Paisley Productions, I created a makeshift wrap and carried her around while I worked. 

After two weeks, Ellie was finally big enough to venture outside. We blocked off the open bars of our balcony and she sunned herself for hours. She now does this daily. (If you're a basset person, please note the classic basset back foot!)

Yesterday, I made the dogs a no-sew pet bed! I just took a couple yards of fleece fabric, cut out two 5 foot circles, made 3" cuts all the way around, tied the ends and stuffed it. This picture was taken within one minute of me completing this project. (To learn how to make your own, check out Tips n Giggles!)

 My stats professor (The professor I T.A. for!) loves bassets and has had a few of his own. I arranged for Boyfriend to bring Ellie to class for a visit this week. It was so much fun!

This is how Toby and Ellie play. He's so gentle with her. He literally lays down and just lets her beat him up!

 The aftermath.

 Best friends!!

 Eleanor has a special bond with Boyfriend. (She actually prefers to lay on him over me! I'm so jealous!)

 Our sweet babies just hanging out!

I've been taking weekly measurements of Eleanor's Earspan.

Two weeks ago, I measured 12 inches from ear tip to ear tip...

...this week, her earspan measured in at 15 inches ear tip to ear tip!! She's growing so fast!

Hope you love her as much as we do!!

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